Water piping Installation & Repair

LG Building Contractors offer a service fitting new water supply pipe and fittings from 20mm mole pipe repair in soil to a 12in cast iron main under concrete. We have the experience, expertise, plant and machinery to excavate, install and reinstate to the very highest standard.

Why consider Fitting a new Water Supply Pipe?

  • Are you concerned that your old pipes are leaking?
  • Are you looking for better water conservation by reducing consumption?
  • Would you like to decrease revenue losses by stopping water supply leaks?
  • Would you like to compare each of your sites water usage and trim the high ones?
  • Are you concerned that your staff and customers are drinking from old lead pipes?
  • Do you suffer from poor water pressure, ie your commercial water supply line is giving poor performance, or your fire hydrants have low pressure?


At LG we always offer the best solution for you. We offer localised water pipe repairs to your burst water mains. If you believe you have a water leak, the first action to take is Water Leak Detection and Pipe Tracing. Our engineers are trained and experienced in using various types of leak detection equipment and listening devices to pinpoint leaks and locate water supply pipes quickly and efficiently so that the necessary repairs can be speedily carried out.

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