Fire Warden Training

Having a designated fire warden at work is an important part of fire safety. The fire warden works together with the employer to ensure that fire safety measures and evacuation procedures are in place and effective.

This course will provide you with the necessary training required to be a qualified fire warden. It will educate you about what your and your employer’s legal duties are, will provide you with an understanding of fire, familiarise you with fire hazards and fire safety arrangements, and detail what your emergency evacuation procedures should entail. With the information contained within this course, you will be fully prepared to fulfil your role – to take responsibility for fire safety in the workplace and guarantee your and everyone’s wellbeing.

Our Fire Warden Training session includes the following Objectives

  •  Knowing the responsibilities of a fire warden
  • Recognise active fire protection measures and the method for fault reporting
  • Understanding the Means Of Escape
  • Knowing the general fire precautions to be taken whilst at work
  • know what action to take in the event of a fire
  • know your role upon hearing the alarm
  • know how to conduct a fire drill
  • know how to select and operate the correct extinguisher

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