THP Office Refurbishment.

LG were challenged with the task of converting an old unused workshop into office and a mess room. Photos illustrate the state of the dilapidated building from ruin and neglect. Leaks were found during the job that had been in situ for a long period and there was even an old campervan to contend with. When LG attended site the workshop was unused and deserted. Doors were broken and there were a lot of rubbish surrounding the area. Inside the area, it was deserted and very dull. There was no running water. There was very minimal lighting and not many plug sockets. There was also no fire alarm installed in this area. When on site the main water supply to the building burst, meaning that LG needed to break through the concrete wall and steps and renew the water supply into the building. When on site there was a leak that was found, which was constant and flooded the building and the car park. Investigations shown that a new pipe was required. Once the leak had been rectified, our operatives were able to install showers, toilets and sinks .A 2 Loop addressable panel was installed to ensure that people/ the fire station was notified if there was a fire in the building. As you walk into the newly refurbished area, it is clear to see that LG have transformed a dull empty space into a reception area fit for operatives and contractors to sign in and out, complete with; sufficient lighting, adequate plug sockets, a desk and a fully function fire alarm. The area has been painted to make the room brighter and more presentable. Trunking has been installed to ensure that there are no wires that are loose or hanging, this ensures that there are no trip hazards and that there is a clean finish on the area. Carpet tiles were fitted to give the flooring a clean look.