Completed Projects

LG building contractors offer complete solutions for onsite fabric, electrical, plumbing and fire and security works to a wide range of sites currently maintaining a large portfolio including (but not limited to) corporate offices, shops, water treatment works, iconic buildings and Retail industries.

Build to WOW! Providing our clients with a first class consumer experience is our number one goal. Residential construction should be a fun and satisfying experience.

Commercial construction is driven by time and budget. Having a team with years of experience will take the guesswork out of your commercial project. Do it once, do it perfectly and be on time with everything

We love retail projects! Working with a great design team to bring your retail store to life in record time is a highlight of our calendar. Bringing design and perfect execution together, on time to the day, is our singular mission.

LG building contractors have organically grown to be a significant and reliable resource to some of the world’s largest and best known facilities management companies whilst continuing to offer that personal touch and work with local communities, councils and care homes.

LG have completed a wide range of jobs.