Loft Conversions

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You don’t have to move to improve and extend your home.

We have a specialised team trained to perform loft conversions and whether you need a guest bedroom, an extra bathroom, a place to study or a playroom for the children – we’ll do the job with the minimum of disruption guaranteed.

There’s a hundred reasons for a loft conversion, but only one name to trust LG Building Contractors. We can raise the value of your property without sending the costs through the roof.

Loft conversion: where do I start?

Converting your empty attic space into a useable room can be the most cost effective way of adding significant value to your home and increasing your liveable space – whether for another bedroom, office, gym or entertainment room for your teenagers. But where should you start and what do you need to consider?

A loft conversion can add a significant amount of money  – up to 20% – to the value of a property. Many families choose to convert their loft area as a means of obtaining more space without having to endure the costly and stressful process of moving home. Work taking place in the loft can also be less disruptive than, say, a major extension to an existing living space.

A loft conversion is one of the most technically complex projects that can be carried out to a domestic property. When a loft becomes used for anything other than domestic light storage a Building regulation is required.


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